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At Premier Esports we believe every gamer deserves a circle of support. Our new program Premier Rising provides a community for content creators, esports enthusiasts, and Premier fans to help create connections, cultivate professional growth, and celebrate esports.


You can join players, Premier staff, and our general community to talk about everything related to gaming and esports. Whether your goal is to become a professional player, a partnered streamer, or you’re just looking for a new duo partner, Premier Rising will provide a supportive platform you can call home.

Join for free or become a rare or epic supporter and get extra perks for your support! 


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"Ever since I joined Premier Rising everything in the gaming industry seemed to change. Premier welcomed me with open arms and gave me a goal to strive for; which is the Premier Content Creator title. I used to have a goal set for myself which was joining 100 Thieves. Now with how welcoming and dedicated Premier is; that goal has changed. I want to raise Premier to the top and I am excited to be apart of this Organization and the wonderful community it has to offer. We Will Rise!

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Andrew M.

I've always wanted to be an Esports player since I was young, now with Premier Esports I get the lucky opportunity. I can't wait to see what the future brings.

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