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Where is Gaming Going?


Mobile gaming: $64.4 billion

PC gaming: $29.6 billion

Console gaming: $15.4 billion

Game-related videos: $6.5 billion

VR and AR gaming: $6.3 billion

What does this mean for upcoming gaming trends?

At the moment entertainment companies are starting to take note at the rise of video games. More and more children and adults are playing games instead of watching tv, movies, or the like. Companies such as google, amazon, and apple are coming up with their own video game consoles. Netflix even says video games are their number one competition.

As the trends continue and video game revenue continues to climb we find ourselves always looking for what is next. Better graphics. Faster speeds. Virtual reality. Larger games. More complex story lines. Achievements. We push the developers to provide us with more and more to keep us enjoying the game. To bring us back to play more. And to date they haven't disappointed.

What are things you'd like to see in video games? Where would you like to see us go? What is your favorite things about the games we have now?

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