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Making History and Making a Difference.

Local Atlanta based Premier Esports has announced official partnerships with Atlanta based Softgiving and Los Angeles based Stand Up To Cancer.

Throughout the duration of the partnership, Premier Esports, will host charity stream events in partnership with Softgiving and Stand Up to Cancer.

Partnering with Softgiving provides a trusted platform to raise money and awareness for charities like Stand Up to Cancer, who's primary focus is to offer the newest, most effective, and most promising cancer treatments to patients quickly by bringing together the best minds to collaborate, innovate, and share cancer research.


Chase Peterson, CEO of Premier Esports, stated:

“Partnering with Stand Up To Cancer and Softgiving is truly a humbling opportunity to make an impact in this world.

Being able to sit down and talk with Matt Pfaltzgraf, CEO and Founder, of Softgiving and Andy Steig, Influencers & Gaming Community Director, at Stand Up To Cancer on our podcast was an absolute privilege. They both show so much infectious passion and having been given the opportunity to partner with Softgiving and Stand Up To Cancer simultaneously is truly something special.

This partnership marks a huge milestone and a first for Premier and SU2C, as Premier Esports becomes the first content and esports organization to partner with Stand Up To Cancer to date.

Softgiving has worked with the companies like Misfits Gaming Group, Soar Gaming, Gamers Outreach, and Varsity Esports Foundation.

Previously this year Premier Esports CEO and COO had the chance to sit down with, Matt Pfaltzgraf and Andy Steig, for a podcast episode.

Foreshadowing the future partnership in August episode 15 of the podcast focused on how Softgiving is engaging the live streaming community with a simple, interactive and fun platform that connects fans, live streamer's, and charities across the nation like never before. Later, in episode 18 Andy details his early involvement within the industry and Stand Up To Cancer along with hearing his first hand experience of dealing with his father's cancer.

PODCAST LINK: https://anchor.fm/premieresports

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