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2020 Recap

This past year was one for the record books, our first year in business and we accomplished so many great things together as a team. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this great organization. This year was also incredibly challenging in more ways than one. We all were put at a stand still with the impact of coronavirus in our personal lives as well as our business pursuits. There were many things that we could not due as a result of the virus but all in all I think we had a great year!

Here is what Wil Dimas COO "Unre3l" had to say when asked about his reflection of last year,

"2020 has gone and with it many memories that we shared with our community, most of them positive but some of them not so much due to the pandemic among other things that over shadow this year. We have built new friendships and we are moving on strongly looking forward to the new year! We thank you all for the support, kind words and greetings that we get from you guys everyday!"

As we continue to reach new heights together let's reflect back on all that we have achieved in 2020, along the way I will share some of my favorite memories of 2020.

It all began in January. Officially anyway. The business was launched officially by Chase Peterson and the journey started.

In early January we officially launched the website www.premieresports.org

and began recruiting for many esports titles and recruiting content creators for our team.

There were many hard lessons often times learned by failing this year. I am thankful that the community believed in me enough to pursue this passion and make it official!

In February we launched the first episode of the Premier Podcast showcasing different creators, players, staff and industry leaders on a weekly podcast found here.


My favorite memory from the Premier Podcast had to be having to Kim Meltzer "the esports mom" on for episode 16.

Kim has such an extensive knowledge and vast experience working in the industry for over 10 years. I have been a fan of her work for many years getting the chance to speak with her for nearly an hour was an honor.

Link to the FULL video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thc27dBtqyQ&t=2


PAX SOUTH - Pax South is a series of gaming festivals held in San Antonio.

In January Premier had community members in attendance at the event to network at the Titan Optiks PAX party, enjoy the festival and to socialize with other members of their team.

In March Premier Esports participated in its first ever LAN tournament. We signed 5 players to attend the CDL home series in

Los Angeles, CA for the Call of duty Challengers league. The guys were tested but it was a lot of fun watching the team compete.

My favorite memory from March was watching the team compete and place Top 16 out of over 300 teams. Since I have been a fan of Call of Duty for over 10 years this was a big moment for the company and set expectations for the future extremely high! Link to the full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb7jDE57kew&t=1s

In March Premier Esports signed a roster to compete in Rainbow Six Siege. They gave us some great memories and we loved watching and cheering you on throughout the last 2 seasons of Upsurge Premier League and ESA.

Premier booked its second LAN tournament in its history to take place in Boston on August 2020.

However, with the virus taking its toll at this point the event was sadly cancelled.

March also marked the launch date of our 2020 merchandise line. The new apparel line was created with our military supporters in mind. The brand symbolizes the gamer lifestyle, military style camo and fan unity.

In April, Premier had the hunger to continue to win and compete in various esports titles. Over the next few months Premier was fielding teams for Apex Legends, CSGO, SMITE, Rivals of Aether, Rocket League, Valorant, Call of Duty and PUBG.

From the entire staff and community we cannot thank all of the players enough for their commitment to their craft and all of the wonderful experiences we shared cheering you all compete last year.

In late April we were accepted as one of the first 40 esports organizations to join efuse.gg

as one of the early adopters on the website.


One of my favorite memories before Mixer collapsed

was from watching ImangryJake and his squad compete in the mixer matchup 10k warzone tournament with the best warzone players on Mixer.

In May Premier joined the ranks of 20+ other organizations into a project community launched by KontrolFreek called the Esports Forge as an apprentice level partner. The Forge was designed to help give opportunity, exposure and support for up and coming esports organizations. A few months later Premier was promoted to the next tier within their ranks and earned the title of Specialist in July.


We also were introduced to who we know now as the current Esports GM

Logan Ewing was brought into the management team as an intern.

Over the last few months Logan has put in countless hours of work managing our esports players and teams. We cannot thank you enough for the work you have done this year.

Link to full video https://youtu.be/C3dnNc6FEJc

My favorite memory from may was from our first few times entering into the esports arena weekly tournaments.

June was one of our busiest months at Premier. We launched our community Premier Rising.

At Premier Esports we believe every gamer deserves a circle of support.

Rising provides a community for content creators, esports enthusiasts, and Premier fans to help create connections, cultivate professional growth, and celebrate esports. With the announcement of Premier Rising

we also welcomed Dave Perruchon to the management team taking over the premier rising community management role.

He has an IT background and for the last year has managed communities like Hype unit and Built By Gamers! Today he commits his future to the Premier Family! Community night on Fridays will now be called Premier Plays

In late June Wil Dimas "Unre3l" was brought into the team as a brand development advisor and

then later introduced as a co-owner and Chief of Operations. Wil has over 12 years experience working in esports and has worked for top brands like Justice, Noble, BoomTV, StreamLoots and more. Wil has no doubt helped get this organization on track to reach the goals that we have set for the coming years. Thank you Wil for being my brother and for having the entire teams back!

My Favorite memory from June was playing Halo with the community for Premier Plays community night. There were many laughs shared and the community showed us that halo is still a Tier 1 game!

In July Our news is also my favorite memory! Premier had the pleasure of giving our content creators the opportunity to play in a Call of Duty showcase match benefitting ExtraLife4Kids and Phoenix Children's hospital. The event was organized by local gaming facility Axis Replay and featured members of Faze clan, Soar Gaming ad the Arizona Cardinals players.

Shortly after this event we had the pleasure of announcing the entrance of Premier Esports into the popular esports title League of Legends and the signing a long term contract with Destined 2 Dominate, a Miami based Health and wellness company at the same time.

To get 15% off your order visit http://www.destined2dominate.com/?aff=26

In July, I met Thomas Gentle through a mutual connection and asked him to join me for a podcast about his story in starting his company shotcall. I soon realized that our paths were very similar. Not long after Premier found its way into an affiliation with Shotcall. The platform is designed to connect content creators with their fans through video games.

SIGN UP for Shotcall


In August Premier Esports Signed sponsorship deal with Artesian Builds, a San Francisco, CA based PC Company.

Artesian redefines customization and quality. We strive to tackle

projects other organizations might refuse. Our most popular products are custom gaming computers and design/research computers, but we can build a wide range of systems and hardware prototypes including 3D printed and laser cut parts. Our machinery offers unparalleled quality partnered with durability and aesthetic refinement.

We also announced a new title that we would be entering. Rogue Company a new game

at this point in time. We signed 4 ex gears of war pros to a roster to compete in the LATAM region.

In September Premier content creators staff and players raised

$6,032.50 for Charity organization

Stand Up to Cancer! Full blog post https://www.premiergg.com/post/softgiving-standuptocancer

Link to SU2C x Premier landing page https://give.softgiving.com/su2c_premier

We enlisted the help of Branden Alvarez "Nilaes" in September to be our twitter personality and Social Media Coordinator!

Tweet him and say hi! https://twitter.com/_PremierGG

A lot of my best memories are times when I get to meet up in person with our team. Over the past year we have gotten together,socially distanced of course, more than a few times.

Every chance I get to do this I jump at the opportunity!

I look forward to 2021 and getting the opportunity to hangout with everyone on our team!

In October Premier Esports rebranded its social media to PremierGG to encompass more than just esports. PremierGG represents more accurately the company, Entertainment, Esports, Merchandise, Management and more. We also launched our merchandise website www.premierggmerch.com and www.premiergg.com

Read Full blog post https://www.premiergg.com/post/premiergg

We brought in a few managers: Andrew Robinson was announced as our Stream Team Manager and Darious McCoy as our Community Moderator over Premier Rising.

One of the coolest memories for me was our Valorant team competing in in the Nerd Street

Gaming First strike Valorant tournament. Premier took Dignitas into overtime and really showed their skill level to hold the more experienced team.

Towards the end of October we had the pleasure to bring aboard Will Sallis to the team as a Marketing Intern.

Will is a student at the University of Arkansas and is a long time esports fan of CSGO. Thanks for being part of the team Will!

In November Premier Joined the Georgia Game Developers Association.

Premier Joined the ranks of other gaming and esports companies based in GA as an indie level member and participated in their annual event Siegecon. https://ggda.org/

Premier Stream Team slots into the top 100 most active teams on Twitch. Full Blog post https://www.premiergg.com/post/premiergg-joins-georgia-game-developers-association

In late December we rang in the Holiday season together with a new Jersey Partner and announced this incredible new design for 2021!

The Jersey was designed by local Georgia based merchandise and design company Skullz!


One of our favorite memories of the year came in December when Content Creator DanPDFD created a holiday video featuring members of the community for their rendition of Twas the night before Christmas a streamers version.

Take a look!

Going into 2021 we have now have a community of over 700 that we like to call the HOMETEAM, a stream team of over 100 members and 20 official content creators, 8 pro esports players, and 7 management staff. We are incredibly thankful for each of you for your tireless efforts in 2020 and your dedicated work to make Premier the best it can be.

Content Team going into 2021 in order of tenure!

Imangryjake 11/2019 , Krispy 2/2020, Untamed Cupcake 2/2020, Cutwright 4/2020, Bossyttv 5/2020, Motley_drew 07/20, Redquinoa 07/20, Chieftancoool 07/20, Shiftrr 08/20, Tygarlily 08/20, Pinay Princessa 09/20, Elliecuddlefish 10/20, Danpdfd 10/20, K4blex 10/20, Deadshot devi 10/20, Bananasac 10/20, Staticsupressor 11/20, Giovanigaming 11/20, Shipbroman 12/20, GGirlgaming 12/20

View the entire team here https://www.twitch.tv/team/premieresports

A big thank you to everyone who is a part of the team, you guys are what makes this team and community special. We have made some really great memories together this year from all of the community nights, watch parties and just casually gaming together.

Developmental Cod team

Nilaes, Tat2dJoker, Munkitoes, SMFSix, ZeroSkater, GunnerPH

Esports Teams 2021

Team Fight Tactics

Andross Jay

PapaLev TV

Valorant Roster






Coach: Heavenly

2021 and beyond - There is no doubt in my mind that this team will succeed. We will continue to push boundaries and grow into a household name across the industry. We will continue to push each other and fight for each other everyday. Some of the goals I have for 2021 that will soon be released are so big they are frightening. But i know with the team we have they can be accomplished!

As we now progress into the 3rd day of the new year, What were your favorite moments of 2020? What goals do you have for 2021? and What are you going to do everyday to reach those goals?

I am extremely proud of everything we have accomplished together and look forward to even more in Twenty Twenty WON!

- Chase

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