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Howdy! My name is Keith. I am a lover of all things game related. I hate losing, but love having fun. I will rage when I play poorly and I will blame it on the game when it was clearly my lack of skill that failed me. Along the way there will be some amazing moments that you will not want to miss. So stick around, enjoy the chaos, and prepare yourself for a ton of laughs and memorable moments. I enjoy interacting with my audience, so feel free to get my attention in the chatbox!


My stream is constantly evolving. If you notice something that can be done better or something wrong with the channel, hit me up and let me know so I can make it better. I am always open to suggestions about the stream, games, or gameplay. Don't be shy, give me all of your feedback!


Currently playing mainly Borderlands, but I sometimes sprinkle in other games to relax and have some fun! If you would like to see me play a specific game let me know! I love trying out new stuff!

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For business inquiries please email me at: iMuteMixer@gmail.com


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