PremierGG is a content, entertainment, lifestyle, video editing power house and esports management company.

Premier is positioning itself to become a household name in Georgia, by providing an inclusive community and developmental approach to the industry while still operating at the very top level as an esports and live streaming and content creation company. 

Through their structured tier system Premier allows creators, players and community members to take their next step into the industry regardless of their experience level, so players and creators that want to be a full time player or creator or are currently doing so have a #HomeTeam community to help them thrive and continue to reach their goals.

Our Culture - Our Culture is defined by our members and their actions. A culture of self improvement, education and work ethic.  

Tier System

Each piece of the system reinforces the other teams to form a whole unit that is more powerful than the sum of its parts. This inclusion approach allows for individuals no matter their experience level, to get plugged into esports and gaming.

Premier Rising 

Premier Academy 

Premier Creators


Our Mission is to be recognized by the community as one of the leaders in the esports and gaming world. 

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We have the know-how you need.

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I have been blessed with unique opportunities to learn so much in several different fields of work. My goal is to utilize all my skills and talents to the best of my ability everyday, to the glory of God. 

Most call me Ace here at Premier. I was born and raised here in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a passion for esports and people. This team is my calling. In my freetime i enjoy playing competitive soccer, gaming, grilling and creating videos!

I have a professional background of 12 years experience within the sales and marketing Industry working for fortune 500 companies. 

Previous content creator

 Animation artist and video editor

Liverpool sports fan

veteran supporter

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World class avid competitive gamer online and LAN - Involved with Professional esports Organisations as a Team Manager/Game Analyst FPS/MOBA 

SSQA Lead in multiple projects with internal and external game development studios from Japan/UK/Canada/Australia/Argentina. Lead SQA teams in Vietnam/Japan/Canada/India.

10 Years Experience Esports and Gaming Industry Brand Management/Partnerships

Streamer Evangelist at BoomTV  

Dev SQA Zynga / Noble Esports PC Team Manager 

Compliance Lead at  LucasArts / Partnerships at StreamLoots 

Esports Director CoD  and MOBA division at KG Gaming / Compliance at SEGA

veteran supporter

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Social Media Coordinator

Branden is a student at Full Sail University for Media Communications & Technologies. He is also currently in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and has been serving since 2012. 

His roots as a Content Creator started in 2013 but didn’t go into full swing until 2020. He then joined the Esports world a couple months later.
           Hometown- Bethlehem, PA
             Favorite Genre- FPS
                 Anime Lover

              Resident Heathen
              Veteran Supporter

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Content Creator Manager

Been gaming since NES. 8 years of managerial experience. 6 years as an aircraft mechanic inspector. Now, I’m a naval ship Gun Technician. 

I became a streamer in just February of 2020 over on Mixer with one of the most supportive communities you’ll ever see. Moved to twitch once it shut down and haven’t looked back. God and family above all else!

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General Esports Manager

Logan is a student at Kennesaw State University in NW Georgia. 

Business Management Student at Kennesaw State University. Esports Advisory Board member at Kennesaw State University and serves on the Esports Staff at Axis Replay in Atlanta, Georgia 

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Marketing Intern

Business/Marketing Major

HomeTown - Austin TX 

Favorite Game - CSGO 

University of Arkansas 2022

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